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Founded April 2018, Shotgun aims to take clothing that has previously been brought into the world and to give it a new life. By doing this, we are reducing waste and creating unique pieces in the hopes that you don’t look exactly like everyone else.


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Sam Hatfield
Owner Operator

Born and raised in Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia. Sam had a resume of working with people who have disabilities before changing her career path to pursue the Fashion Industry. She quickly got a Corporate retail job and worked her way up to Visual Merchandiser. After working in retail for a number of years and seeing all the waste that it produces, she decided that it was time to build a brand for herself that she believed in. Shotgun Vintage was born in April 2018 as an Instagram page. It started as thrifting and selling vintage clothing but after pulling out an old sewing machine to make easy modifications — it soon grew to be a reworking obsession. Completely self taught on the sewing machine, Sam started to quickly recieve a lot of traction through the Maritimes through Instagram. This approach allowed her to be more connected with the customer than it would as a normal web store. She worked her full time job and simultaneously worked on Shotgun during nights and weekends for eight months before taking it full time.

Shotgun is completely owned and operated by one person. Sourcing, laundering, altering, styling, photographing, editing, uploading, selling/customer service, packaging, and delivering / shipping.

That’s the process! All one person.